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Custom Home Builder Knox County
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Custom Full Home Remodel Knoxville, TN

Check out what our clients have to say:

George A. Gregory, Custom Home Build:

Mr. H. R. Davis was the primary contractor for construction of my residence beginning
in the spring of 2005. During the time Mr. Davis worked on my house, I found him to be
client-oriented and focused on getting the job done on schedule and within the agreed-
upon budget. Anytime he was asked to perform work that was not in the scope of the
contract, he took time and effort to discuss the cost and schedule impact of the changes
with my wife and me. He was not satisfied until we fully understood the effects of the
requested changes. If he thought the requested change was not in our best interest, he
was quick to tell us and on more than one occasion he talked us out of changes for which
we were later grateful. He was always punctual; kept every appointment, returned every
phone call and was always responsive to our requests.

During the time our house was being constructed, H.R. was at the job site on a regular
basis and always demonstrated a cooperative spirit and a willingness to help us with any
problem or concerns that we had. HR was actively involved in our selection of house
plans, the choices for interior amenities, interior colors, flooring selections, etc. If we
were uncertain about the selection of a material, color, design, he was always willing
to help us with the choice that would please us. In short, Mr. Davis is an outstanding
contractor, scheduler, and advisor. He provided one of the most beautiful homes in our
subdivision of which we are extremely proud of and completely satisfied. He will be
a valuable asset to any organization involved in the construction business for which he
chooses to become associated. He is goal and results-oriented and continually strives to
achieve schedule commitments with positive results. If you'd like to discuss his attributes
in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact us at 241-6103 or 574-2927.

Brian Lewis, Custom Home Build:

I would like to express to you my appreciation and admiration to Mr. Davis for the work he has done for me. Three and a half years ago I hired Mr. Davis to build my house in Claxton, TN. I elected to use Mr. Davis after considering several other builders simply on my impression of him. He is a man sure of himself and sure of his building capabilities. I travel quite a bit with my work and Mr. Davis called me daily with updates on my house. When I was in town, Mr. Davis would meet with me at the home site at my convience to answer my questions. I will always remember the phone call I received from Mr. Davis while out of town about a problem with our lot and the septic tank placement. This problem was so severe that we might have had to stop building the house. Mr Davis assured me he would seek a solution and not to worry. Within just a few days, the problem was solved and building continued. Only later did I learn just how much Mr. Davis did to solve these issues. During the build Mr. Davis kept a clean work site and kept me informed about every bill and issue as we went along. I can truly say that he walked me through the home building process to a successful end. The home building process can be extremely hard but Mr. Davis made it easy for me. I am more than eager to use Mr. Davis when I decide to complete my unfinished basement. I think anyone or any business would be smart to use Mr. Davis as well.

Knoxville TN General Contractor | Custom Homes Builders |  H.R. Davis Construction |
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Knoxville TN General Contractor | Custom Homes Builders |  H.R. Davis Construction |
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